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Shooting at slow shutter speeds -

Many novice photographers think that the secret of good staff is a short excerpt. Most literate know that it should not be less than one, divided by the focal length of the lens, which are removed. But in fact there are a number of subjects and technical solutions that enable you to create interesting and unusual images using a slower shutter speed. I like scuba and cave photographer often has to work in low light conditions, and it makes to get out one way or another, and to receive the image when a camera is not possible to fix. So I have an arsenal of techniques to shoot where most people cannot take off. And it gives me a certain professional advantage.
The easiest and most obvious example of using slow shutter speeds, which are taught in photography school, this wiring. You aim at the moving object in the picture and begin to move the camera without changing the position of the object in the viewfinder. So you can shoot wildlife, sports, when something moves past you, and you are his "escorts." This technique is used when there is no opportunity to get close to an object to freeze his flash, you cannot put enough shutter speed so that the subject is not blurred, or should be, on the contrary, enhance the effect of motion. In this case, set the shutter speed slower (about ¼ or 1 second) and try to do the wiring. This is technically quite complex technique that requires training. The easiest way to train, coming out and taking off passing cars. For a while you learn to move the camera at a rate to match the linear speed of the vehicle and the object remained sharp, and the world around lubricated to complete misrecognition. Thus it is possible to remove the animals to show the speed of movement, dynamics.

One day we were filming dolphins. Mother and cub swam very fast, and it was impossible to use a flash, as the animals were afraid of them. The lighting was too poor to afford a high shutter speed. So I increased the shutter speed to ¼ with and made the wiring sailing animals. So I not only took the dolphins, but also showed the dynamics of their motion. Despite the fact that there is a tendency to shoot as much as possible with faster shutter speeds, wiring remains one of the favorite techniques of sports photographers and animalists and enables more diverse and dynamic images.

A little more complex is combining technique with flash wiring. You expose the flash fires Rear-curtain sync, doing the wiring, and the flash captures the end of the movement. As a result, you will have a sharp "frozen" image of the last phase of the movement, while all the previous will be underexposed and blurred. These frames are very dynamic.
For example, in this picture with the dolphin with the flash at the cub turned sharp contented muzzle. And around it all moves to slow shutter speeds, there is a sense of irrepressible life, dolphin world in which everything happens very quickly.


Now consider the reception when the camera is fixed and moving objects in the frame and blurred. A typical object of this survey - the element of water: sea surf or traveling by sea waves, jet fountain or waterfall, which smeared and give a sense of flow. For example, such a plot:
This could be snow, rain or cars leaving the tracks lights. In the frame - House of the Azerbaijani government, known as the House of thousands of rooms.
If I shot this photo at night Baku-speed (the camera is allowed), then the foreground I would have a lot of cars that would distract from the main subject moves. A long exposure they do not - they disappeared, leaving only tracks the size of lights and brake lights. So shoot night city, mountain serpentines, and they look very impressive. You can control the influence of a moving object in the frame composition: to change it, to make a minimum or even clean.


The following case - insufficient illumination and stationary objects. Rather than fret and invent ways to illuminate them, enough to put the camera on a tripod open the shutter and exposed frame as you need. This simple method allows you to transform a banal story in an unusual frame that will look attractive and fresh.
This photo diving center "Blue Lake" filmed at night with an exposure of 30 seconds. It does not seem at night because of the long exposure, but it looks interesting, with unusual colors.
This parking our diving ship RC-311 from an abandoned floating dock for repair of submarines on the island Powerful. She filmed late at night with an exposure of 2.5 seconds. Light colored sunset all in dark blue tones, and the yellow light of incandescent lamps put the emphasis on the ship.
The main thing - do not be afraid to wait for darkness, put the camera on a tripod and opening the shutter. And the result is quite amazing.


This legendary technique cave explorers. You put the camera on a tripod; open the gate to infinity (the Nikon cameras is designated as Bulb). And then go and flashlight illuminates the scene. In pure form, light painting is done in total darkness: where you shone, there appeared a piece of the picture, and so you draw a light brush until the entire image completely.
Where do you shine longer, there will be a brighter picture, and where less - darker. So you create a black and white drawing just like in painting, exhibiting in the photographic film or the matrix surrounding you reality. And it can be so, what do you want to create. The ideal case for the photographer-artist who paints with light! But we must be aware of the conditions under which it works: a small amount or a small object. Gore, for example, you cannot highlight. And there should be no stray light that would interfere of photography.

This technique is also very often shoot still lives. But light painting can be used in many other genres, and travel, and landscape, and even photography. The main thing that you have time to experiment. Light painting takes a monstrous amount of time: each frame of thirty seconds on, plus a rendering processor, camera and thirty seconds and you need a certain number of takes to get the desired picture. But the result would be very unusual. You can create conflicting, unnatural light patterns, which the audience will be perceived as strange, and it will draw attention to your photos. It is not clear where the light pours from what sources? As an example, in the photo above of mining combine. Exposure of 62 frames a second; everything is painted one small flashlight.

At the same time people should not confuse you in frame. And that's why. When you shine a flashlight, you displayed only a small portion of the frame. In the meantime, your model can do anything. For example, a photo with the exposure duration is less than 13 seconds. No one person cannot stand still for so long. But since it is light painting, your model can move freely, as long as you have not sent a lantern on it. To highlight the human torch - matter of seconds. A second person can remain stationary. Your goal - to explain the model, it is necessary to freeze when you draw it in this scene.
Recently I tried to apply a light painting in underwater photography, which to me has not been done. This image is shot with an exposure of 30 seconds: the camera was on a tripod, and I swam with a flashlight, illuminating the scene.


The most difficult case in which one frame you were bad tonal values ​​stationary object and moving objects. Then you have to use the combined light flashes to freeze moving objects and at slow shutter speeds exposed by those that cannot illuminate flashes. For example, the frame with our ship:
I wanted to capture how he swims under the stars. But if you just put the camera on a tripod, the ship in the picture will be black, nothing is considered impossible. And if the ship turn on the light, the waves because the silhouette of the ship on a long exposure greased. So we had to use the combined light. I stood on the dam and put the camera on a tripod to the stars appeared, and draw the Parsed meteors, the flow of which just crossed our planet. 

Also, it was necessary to illuminate the ship from the outside, so on the second pier I put the flash on a tripod with extension to allow direct light to the ship. And the last - to illuminate inside the ship, with the constant light I was not fit, I have already explained why. So in the cabin and the cabin I had also put a flash and send them to the portholes.

Light painting can be an excellent solution for subjects that cannot be removed during the day. For example, in the canyons. This narrow gorge, where the sun cannot reach. So much better to take everything into their own hands and take off during the night with the chiaroscuro pattern, which you have in mind. Here is an example above: delay 6 seconds, the man allegedly explores the canyon. This light painting two lights, one of which is in front of the model, and the other holds the illuminator behind her.

This frame is called the "diver under the starry sky." I had long wanted to remove it, but it turned out only to the "Blue Lake", because it is high in the mountains where there is no stray light from the cities. Stars on this frame exposed by long exposure and a diver under water, I froze flashes.
Still, "I cannot hear you": the combined light from the 7 outbreaks, two lanterns and of photography. Here's a great enough space, but also a waterfall and a lake, and it was difficult to illuminate. So I put it in the water three underwater flashes, people froze outbreaks land, canyon walls are illuminated lanterns, plus I straightened light drawing of photography waterfall. All about everything 1.6 seconds.
Also, the combined light allows you to share plans, as in this photo. Therefore highlighted with flashes of cold light temperature, and the rear - a warm halogen lantern mounted on a mining machine. But this lamp is not strong enough to compete with outbreaks, so exposure should be long enough. Only then the background will be drawn fairly well. Imposing different light patterns showed rock on the ceiling, on which lay the golden glow of the lantern.

Prometheus Cave. Here, the combined light was needed for another reason. A large pile of objects is not allowed to properly illuminate the cave - the flash would inevitably give hard shadows from all objects. Or there should have been a lot to get a good highlight a song. I used the following scheme: a man flash frozen, and stalactites and stalagmites of photography highlighted.
Light painting itself and combined lighting - the most interesting and little-known field of photography, which require more time and physical effort, but also the return is very high. That's what I want to do.


When shooting at slow shutter speeds you cannot do without a stable tripod and a cable release with lock release button. To reduce shaking when the shutter releases, I recommend using mirror mode. But if you were suddenly somewhere without a tripod and shoot want to slow shutter speeds, you can help correct stand and the ability to rely on something or elbows leaning against something the camera. Possible thrust of the knee or elbow. Professional cameras allow you to shoot handheld at shutter speeds are slower because they are heavier and more. I shot with a hand on the D3S and D4S delayed up to half a second. We must understand that if you're shooting handheld, the longer the delay, the more will have to make duplicates.

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